Under-representation of women in higher judiciary of Pakistan

Unfortunately Pakistan is the only country in South Asia that has never appointed a female judge in her Supreme Court.Currently the number of women serving as the judges of respectable High Courts is seven which is alarming. There are only 5.8% judges in the higher judiciary of Pakistan according to a report by HRCP.

It was in 1994, when the then Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto , appointed the first female judge of Pakistan.It is a common perception that when the time came to appoint the respectable judge, Khalida Rashid from Peshawar to the higher office, she was given choice either to be a nominee of Pakistan in International Criminal Court or to leave .This is a terrible example of gender discrimination in the higher judiciary.

Women are underrepresented in the higher judiciary of Pakistan . It is a terrible trend that a country with 51% female population has only 5.6% of female judges. Women can adjudicate better when it comes to their own gender rather than men. Male chauvinism, religious hypocrisy, governmental indifference and the judicial status quo has aggravated the problem.


1 There should be a compulsory female quota in judiciary.Government should reconsider its response on the Bill Introduced by MQM MNA Saman Sultana Jafri about the amendment to the Supreme Court Act, 1997.

2 There should not be any gender discrimination in selection procedure of judges for Supreme Court and High Courts. Currently there is no female judge appointed in Islamabad High Court.

3 There should be more female judges in Sharia Court. Only one is not enough in its history of 33 years.

4 Government should promote women participation in judicial sector by all means at its disposal.This starts from getting more women to enroll in law departments throughout the country.

5 Safer and Respectable work environment for female judges is to be ensured.

6 There should be new legislation for this purpose

7 Pakistan should fulfill its responsibility arising from her commitment to international agreements like CEDAW and Bejing declaration


Istanbul, We are with you

No one has the right to be the judge jury and executioner. No one has the right to deny anybody the freedom of speech and certainly not the right to live. I first as a human being and then as Muslim citizen of Pakistan vehemently condemn this barbaric attack on Istanbul and with the same breadth I also strongly condemn the attacks on western cities in the recent few years.

The people who commit such heinous crimes are sick minded individuals who need to be stopped at any cost. These few deranged individuals do not represent the clear picture of a faith professed by billion of people around the globe. To generalize a Muslim with a terrorist is nothing but prejudiced negative stereotyping.As once I read somewhere that the problem with stereotypes is not that they are inherently wrong but that the are oversimplified broad generalizations that may not be true for a particular individual.

The recent wave suicide bomb attacks on Pakistan and Turkey shows that these countries are not the perpetrators or the instigators of these atrocities but the mere victims of these monstrous attacks. Here the question arises that why the not the mainstream media global media gives an equal coverage to these despicable horrors within Muslim countries to show the real situation .I would not call this blind spot as willful ignorance of the facts which  may give rise to a perception in the west that the Muslim countries are exporting terrorism which is an entirely fallacious argument.

Let us not bow down to fear . Let us stand together and fight together against this evil not as east or west but as humans . let us live together in a peaceful harmonious way which maybe a naive dream of a Utopian world  but that is my dream.


In the recent wave of terrorist attacks in Kuwait, Tanzania and France the world has seen some brutal and devastating attacks on unarmed civilians. These terrorist attacks are condemnable.  These attacks are not only unethical but immoral too.

Terrorism has defaced the image of Islam as a religion. The image of Islam as a conservative and fundamentalist has been reinforced in international community.

But we have to remember a very important thing here is that majority of the Muslims are not the perpetrators but the victims of terrorism. The majority has been taken hostage by a minority of militant fraction. This is the reason that not a single legitimate government in Islamic world supports the terrorist agenda.

The exceptions to this rule are the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and newly formed ISIS or ISIL in Iraq and Jordan. ISIS and Taliban are not a unified government structure but a cabal of warlords enforcing their own brand of Islamic law (Sharia). Interestingly the rise of both Taliban and ISIS is linked with the collapse of central government due to direct foreign invasion. The militant organizations have vainly tried to draw their legitimacy as the freedom fighting force against the foreign military intervention.

Muslim world has been divided in the Shiite and Sunnite factions since the very beginnings of Islam. Saudi Arab as the champions of Sunni faith and Iran as the defender of Shiite ideology have been involved in the proxy war played throughout the realm of Islam. The sectarian conflict has also fueled terrorism.

Terrorism has caused a backlash and reaction in the Muslim world. Majority of the Muslims not only denounce terrorism but also support the steps taken to eradicate terrorism within and outside Islamic world. This is perhaps the misplaced aggression against west who they feel responsible for the all the evil in their life. Why misplaced aggression because the real reason for terrorism lies in their own religious intolerance and lack of education

The Best 6 Political Campaign Ads of the Summer (So Far)


These are the dog days of election year politics. The fields are mostly set, and the final battle is still too far away to matter much. Plus, who wants to think about politics in summer? The answer: The campaign ad makers. Political Mad Men have no problem working the heat into their spots, or doing even better by making political spots so compelling we can’t look away even when we would rather be swimming.

So without further ado, here is our take on 2014’s top 6 political ads of the summer, so far.

6.”Sunshine” – Charlie Crist, Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida
[time-brightcove videoid=3670878484001]

Charlie Crist pays homage to the sunshine state of Florida through this ad’s theme. The high-quality video clearly outlines what Crist accomplished in his last term and what his goals are should he be reelected, which gives viewers a clear picture of what this candidate…

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Amazon (Sorta) Sets Premieres for Chris Carter Drama, Bosch, Other Series


Amazon Studios held court on Saturday at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour in Beverly Hills, where they shared fresh sneak peeks at four of their new series — dramas Bosch and The After, and half-hours Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle — and then hinted at time frames for their respective launches.

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Thousands Flee Homes as Clashes by India-Pakistan Border Escalate


Thousands of people living on the border between Indian and Pakistan have fled their homes in the past week, as clashes between the two countries continue to escalate.

About 6,000 people in the disputed region of Kashmir abandoned their homes late Monday, joining approximately 4,000 others who had fled when skirmishes began last week, a local official told Reuters.

Border clashes between the two regional rivals have intensified this year, with firefights and cross-border shelling taking place intermittently since October.

“We had a narrow escape and there is a warlike situation,” said 54-year-old Sham Kumar, a resident of Sherpur village. Kumar said he left his village following the shelling of a nearby school, about 2 miles (3 km) from the frontier.

This week’s fighting has seen at least 10 casualties, including soldiers and civilians on both sides.


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Tewkesbury Abbey – Norman perfection by the Severn

amazing architecture

Geometry & Silence

Tower vault & choir Tower vault & choir

Nave looking east towards Altar Nave looking east towards Altar

Tower Vault Tower Vault

Nave vault Nave vault

Choir vault and stained glass Choir vault and stained glass

Rood screen and nave looking west from the choir Rood screen and nave looking west from the choir

Choir, looking east to the high altar Choir, looking east to the high altar

North aisle looking west North aisle looking west

Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire. One of the finest examples of Norman architecture in Britain. Built 1121-1530.

Photographed as part of The Severn Project a walk from Source to Sea along the river Severn

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