Istanbul, We are with you

No one has the right to be the judge jury and executioner. No one has the right to deny anybody the freedom of speech and certainly not the right to live. I first as a human being and then as Muslim citizen of Pakistan vehemently condemn this barbaric attack on Istanbul and with the same breadth I also strongly condemn the attacks on western cities in the recent few years.

The people who commit such heinous crimes are sick minded individuals who need to be stopped at any cost. These few deranged individuals do not represent the clear picture of a faith professed by billion of people around the globe. To generalize a Muslim with a terrorist is nothing but prejudiced negative stereotyping.As once I read somewhere that the problem with stereotypes is not that they are inherently wrong but that the are oversimplified broad generalizations that may not be true for a particular individual.

The recent wave suicide bomb attacks on Pakistan and Turkey shows that these countries are not the perpetrators or the instigators of these atrocities but the mere victims of these monstrous attacks. Here the question arises that why the not the mainstream media global media gives an equal coverage to these despicable horrors within Muslim countries to show the real situation .I would not call this blind spot as willful ignorance of the facts which  may give rise to a perception in the west that the Muslim countries are exporting terrorism which is an entirely fallacious argument.

Let us not bow down to fear . Let us stand together and fight together against this evil not as east or west but as humans . let us live together in a peaceful harmonious way which maybe a naive dream of a Utopian world  but that is my dream.



2 thoughts on “Istanbul, We are with you

  1. Good for you! We live in a dangerous world, one full of dangerous, malevolent, xenophobic intolerant thugs, but fortunately for us all most people are not like that..


  2. You have written this so beautifully. I agree with you completely. Your dream of peace and harmony is not naive it; it is the way we should all think. There is good, there is ignorance, and there is evil in every place and, unfortunately, the evil seem to find a way to control things and influence the un-knowledgeable. Some people are afraid to open their eyes and minds to the truth. I thank you for your goodness and I am pleased to count you as a friend.


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