A short history of the first dynasty of Roman Empire

Augustus : First of his name , defeated the love birds Mark Antony and Cleopatra and turned the republic into empire
Tiberius : Assassinated a lot of people to make sure that he remains as an emperor
Caligula : Mad and sexaholic
Claudius : Attacked and conquered England
Nero : was mad and burned down the Rome
(end of story)


2 thoughts on “A short history of the first dynasty of Roman Empire

  1. Augustus: the greatest politician in history; presided over a golden age of literature, art, and culture

    Tiberius: an underrated Machiavellian politician who assassinated fewer people than you think; stabilized the empire

    Caligula: a sarcastic lunatic who tried to create a Hellenistic monarchy in Rome based on divine right to rule

    Claudius: one of the greatest roman emperors who not only conquered England, Thrace, and Mauritania, but also established the imperial bureaucracy, built aqueducts and a harbor, and extended the franchise

    Nero: the worst roman emperor who tried to rule Rome like a rock star; personally responsible for the elimination of all surviving members of the most legendary dynasty in world history


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