In the recent wave of terrorist attacks in Kuwait, Tanzania and France the world has seen some brutal and devastating attacks on unarmed civilians. These terrorist attacks are condemnable.  These attacks are not only unethical but immoral too.

Terrorism has defaced the image of Islam as a religion. The image of Islam as a conservative and fundamentalist has been reinforced in international community.

But we have to remember a very important thing here is that majority of the Muslims are not the perpetrators but the victims of terrorism. The majority has been taken hostage by a minority of militant fraction. This is the reason that not a single legitimate government in Islamic world supports the terrorist agenda.

The exceptions to this rule are the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and newly formed ISIS or ISIL in Iraq and Jordan. ISIS and Taliban are not a unified government structure but a cabal of warlords enforcing their own brand of Islamic law (Sharia). Interestingly the rise of both Taliban and ISIS is linked with the collapse of central government due to direct foreign invasion. The militant organizations have vainly tried to draw their legitimacy as the freedom fighting force against the foreign military intervention.

Muslim world has been divided in the Shiite and Sunnite factions since the very beginnings of Islam. Saudi Arab as the champions of Sunni faith and Iran as the defender of Shiite ideology have been involved in the proxy war played throughout the realm of Islam. The sectarian conflict has also fueled terrorism.

Terrorism has caused a backlash and reaction in the Muslim world. Majority of the Muslims not only denounce terrorism but also support the steps taken to eradicate terrorism within and outside Islamic world. This is perhaps the misplaced aggression against west who they feel responsible for the all the evil in their life. Why misplaced aggression because the real reason for terrorism lies in their own religious intolerance and lack of education


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  1. Well said! It always shocks me – but never surprises me – that often the worst “thougtless” acts are perpetrated within the confines of a single religion, be it Muslim, Christian or anything else.


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