I knew a woman once, who has it, who has it all

I saw her losing it all gradually and slowly

All of her fading away with time

Till the time there was nothing left which made her “her”

I want it all

I want it all back

I want it all back for her

I want her to be whole again

To be the woman she once was

I want her to remember what we had

I want her to remember all the memories we shared

I want her to know what we had lost

The smile on her face all of it has gone now

Nothing has left but emptiness in her eyes


I want her to be whole again

I want to her to be her again

It haunts me to see her like this

Unaware, in a state of oblivion

So fragile, so powerless, so lost

Like a child in need of a hand

I want it to be his hand

The North Star

To make her comeback

To make her complete again

To make her come back to me

To make her “ her “ again


13 thoughts on “Alzheimer

  1. Very, very poignant and especially meaningful to me now as I serve as an elder care giver to an elderly lady, whose family is like an extended family of ours. She has lived a full life and is now 96-years-old with dementia. Watching her deteriorate over the past year (or so) has been gut-wrenching. Thank you for so poetically expressing this most painful fading away of one so loved.


  2. This is obviously someone you know, our someone you DID know who may still be alive I think many people by now has a lived who we watched slip away. Writing is a way to find a place to put the pain. At least you have your memories. We can always slip away and go there . . .


  3. I once worked in a nursing home for elderly people with dementia. I remember walking into a room and seeing a framed photograph of the most beautiful young woman sitting atop a large dresser with a mirror attached. Reflected back in the mirror, was the now old body of the same woman lying in the bed, curled into the fetal position. Your poem reminded me of that poignant picture which I can still see in my mind. I have experienced the emotion you have expressed so well in this writing. One feels like yelling “NO” and “GIVE HER BACK TO US.”

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