I knew a woman once, who has it, who has it all

I saw her losing it all gradually and slowly

All of her fading away with time

Till the time there was nothing left which made her “her”

I want it all

I want it all back

I want it all back for her

I want her to be whole again

To be the woman she once was

I want her to remember what we had

I want her to remember all the memories we shared

I want her to know what we had lost

The smile on her face all of it has gone now

Nothing has left but emptiness in her eyes


I want her to be whole again

I want to her to be her again

It haunts me to see her like this

Unaware, in a state of oblivion

So fragile, so powerless, so lost

Like a child in need of a hand

I want it to be his hand

The North Star

To make her comeback

To make her complete again

To make her come back to me

To make her “ her “ again


A few Seasons Based on Politics

The West Wing


Year                1999-2006

IMDb Rating    8.8



Year                    2010-2012

IMDb Rating       8.5

House of Cards


Year                    2013-

IMDb ratting        9.1



Year                 2012-

IMDb Rating     8