Love Story from Punjab

Heer Ranjha


This is the most famous love story of all times from the land of Punjab .The folklore is actually a tragedy which contains the element of love ,family , honor , and tradition  Heer was a beautiful girl form Punjab who fell in love Rahnjaha heir to to a Punjabi clan.Ranjha was an accomplished singer but not as accomplished in family politics. After a family dispute he left his hometown and settled in the village of Heer .There he started working for the father of Heer and eventually fell in love with her. But the evil uncle of Heer comes in between these two love birds and forces her to marry a feudal lord.Ranjha now heartbroken leaves the village and adopts an ascetic lifestyle after this heartbreak.Rahnjha is then helped by a Baluch tribe to free her beloved from the clutches of a forced marriage.But the Paternal forces of Heer’s tribe overwhelms Rahnjha and his allies .Heer now back in home refuses to marry another person.On the other hand Ranjha hears false rumor of Heer committing suicide by taking poison cuts his wrists. Now this time Heer really commits suicide by taking poison.This story unquenched  love story has become a popular folklore in both Pakistan and India


Waris Shah’s Version

Waris Shah was a sufi poet from Punjab who is also called Shakespeare of the Punjabi language  .He wrote a beautiful poetic epic Heer Ranjha .His version of the folklore is by far the most popular one .

An English translation of this epic is written by Charles Frederick Usborne,d.d2s

A modern day english translation of the ballad M.Munawar Butt is available on Amazon

Some of his work sung by the folk singers is compiled on their website

Heer Ranjha in popular culture

Several films have been made in Pakistan and India based on this popular tragedy



7 thoughts on “Love Story from Punjab

    • Thanks for telling me this il take the word down. i know English only as foreign language and sometimes i dont know the complex connotations behind few words. I try my best to be gender neutral and i apologize to those who have been offended by this ill suited word selection

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  1. I have heard of Heer and Raanjha. But never knew the story. Thanks for putting it up. My! That is a sad story unlike all the other love stories with happy endings 😦


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