The Class Groupings

The English poet John Donne aptly writes in a famous poem “Meditation XVII,

No man is an island entire of itself; every man 
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;

We all have been involved in some sort of grouping in our classes.I would like to say that the grouping is pretty simple i have classified them into some sort common groups that exist in school college and universities.

B & G Group

(2,3)(3,2)(1,2)(2,1)(4,2)(2,4)(4,3)(3,4)(5,2)(5,3)(3,5)(2,5)………. and so on .The most prevalent and accepted sort of co-gendered grouping .Usually the boys and girls have also their respective all boys and all girls group too .

 All Boys Club

In All Boys School/College this is the only group that exists. But in Co-ed this is usually the mischievous , blunt and awkward in front opposite sex srt of group .

Girls Power

In All Girls School/College this is the only group that exists.But in Co-ed this is usually dominant group in female majority college.

College Sweethearts

These love birds are found in every class. The live ,eat ,study and even sleep together sometimes.

Religious Fanatics

” The World is Doomed and only We Can Save You .” That is the popular slogan for the people who are looking for the converts and believe this to be sacred duty to save their fellow students from the eternal fire


Always looking for a pray just like another predator .They can be further classified into successful ones who have class , style and looks  and the other desperate ones who always seem desperate.

Yeah I am pretty and I know it

There are always a few hotties who are really pretty and treat themselves as the self proclaimed queen and princess

Geek Club

The most popular species for teacher and parents .They are found from pre-school to universities throughout the world .

Big Brother Syndrome

There is always a boy who is more happy to help others then to help himself . They are to be differentiated from Alpha males as they do not try to dominate but to help the group. Sometimes the boys are unable to adjust in the boys club due to their pacifist nature join a girls group to feel safe and protected


Usually brave , outspoken and adventurous girl takes the lead of her group . But the most interesting thing happens when you see a single girl amongst all boys group.She is matriarch /gf/lady/guardian of the group.

Feel free to share your own grouping ….


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