Philosophy of life by an ordinary man

Every man was once a student and every student once  had to go through the ordeal to prepare for SAT to get into a professional college.After college one has to give GMAT or GRE to get into post grad and  PhD and so on.Ahh life is a constant marathon!!!

And when you one gets out of the college one has to look for a job , again not an easy job.After getting a job the next thing to do is to get a better job and so on.

And then the next task is to look for a romantic partner if one is not already with  one’s college sweetheart which is rare and often is of fleeting nature.aha Luck comes in handy.Some cultures have the trial period which comes in the form of girlfriend/boyfriend and gives you  the option to choose your partner by hit and trial method and in some you have mostly pre-decided mate for life .

And then the children give birth to them educate and raise them and then let them go to do all of this all over again. ahh the circle of life!!!!

get old , be miserable and then die . What about afterlife ???

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6 thoughts on “Philosophy of life by an ordinary man

  1. All a necessary part of the machine of culture, depending on what the society one lives in requires for A measure of success in life.

    However, as the “Matrix” movie trilogy, in fictional metaphor suggests, escape from this relative illusion of predetermined requirements of culture is possible, and at least in some cases desirable in creating one’s own ‘afterlife’ in NOW..:)!

    But obviously easier to do in some countries than others.

    But truly the so-called prophets now are writing movies to get the word out instead of ancient myths designed to market the same essence of truth FOR now. 🙂

    The myths are vehicles and vessels of truth palatable to the culture at hand, designed by similar seers to house these truths, as the cycle of the potential awakening and enlightenment of humans goes on in NOW, as REAL human ‘afterculture’. 🙂


  2. I played the resume game in education too. We are all going to move from grade based to satisfy a majority rules policy/politics to a concept self pace based. I stopped at a Bachelors degree when calculus was a GMAT requirement. Business people use calculators they don’t sit around and work matrices all day. They also do not write essay size papers to get things done. For the writing skill crowd.


  3. “get old, be miserable and then die.” That’s not a good way to look at life! Sure everybody will be miserable at some time in their life, but people will also be happy. One could replace “miserable” with really any human emotion. “get old, be happy and then die.” “get old, be joyous and then die.” We don’t know what is going to happen in life. The point is all happiness is fleeting, and so is sadness. I don’t know if there really is a right or wrong way to look at it.
    Also it looks like you are trying to describe the “American dream” or whatever. You know, get an education, get a good job, get a wife/husband, get a house, have kids and nicely trimmed, green lawn. Not everybody takes the SATs, and not even everybody can even access an education.
    You don’t have to live a prescription life!


    • yes i may have come a little bit pessimistic but what i actually wanted to write about was how our lives revolve around fixed set of believes attitudes and behaviors fixed by our respective cultures societies and religions but if we try to break the shackles of pre defined set of rules we entangle in the rights and wrongs.I don’t go for ethnocentric concepts of right and wrong but still i am looking for the universals of human life . We have to explore the old age debate of free will vs determinism about rules of life in an existentialist context.


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