A few good “horror movies”

The Exorcism of Emily Rose


IMDb 6.7

Year  2005

The Sixth Sense


IMDb   8.2

year 1999



IMDb    7.1

Year    1987



IMDb 7.7

year 2004

The Blair Witch Project


IMDb  6.4

Year   1999

The Omen


IMDb    1976

Year     7.6

and on a funny note

Scary Movie


IMDb   6.2

Year   2000


6 thoughts on “A few good “horror movies”

  1. I’m so not into horror but I have seen The Omen (because of Gregory Peck whom I love). Though super creepy, I did like it when I watched it but I can’t make myself watch it again. I also thought Sixth Sense was good, but is that considered horror? It was more of a supernatural suspense thing in my mind. Whatever that was – like The Omen it is something I liked, saw once and can’t see again either… 🙂 Never been brave enough to see the others on your list and suspect I never will be.


  2. I don’t usually do horror, but I did watch and love The Sixth Sense. In fact, it’s one of the few horror movies that you can watch again – you almost have to, because you want to see what you missed the first time!

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  3. I’m not really into horror either but have seen both The Omen and The Sixth Sense. Good movies but no, I don’t think they are horror.


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