5 “Must Not “” Never Ever To” watch films of Nicolas Cage

“Wishlist of Things that I Could Undo”

God forbids that you have watched any of these films and  if you have not heard the names of these films then you were doing fine and  I must apologize for bringing this up to you.

I somewhere read in  a review of one of these films that “another stain on once proud career of Nicolas Cage “, and now I would add that the whole shirt is stained and unwearable .

What I hate about  these shitty low budget films and Nicolas Cage is that once he had acted superbly in his now gone youth and now…… . I don’t know when did his career got cursed but now all the fine A class actors should beware of the consequences of doing a film with “——“.



IMDb   6.2

Year    2009

Left Behind


Almost the same plot behind a new HBO television series  “The Leftovers ” which  is ten times better than this film.

IMDb   3.1

Year     2014

Season of the Witch


IMDb   5.4

Year    2011

The Wicker Man

fortunately I haven’t watched this film.


IMDb  3.6

Year    2006



IMDb   5.3

Year   2011


7 thoughts on “5 “Must Not “” Never Ever To” watch films of Nicolas Cage

  1. I’ve seen Trespass and I’ve never felt so embarrassed watching a movie before. I know Nick Cage has gone off the deep end already, but I just felt bad for Nicole Kidman. I keep wondering what made her think that being in this movie was a good idea…


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