5 Good Tom Cruise’ Films

Jerry Maguire

year   1996

IMDb  7.3


The Last Samurai

IMDb   7.7

year   2003


Mission: Impossible

IMDb   7.1

year    1996


Far and Away

IMDb  6.5

year   1992


Rain Man

IMDb  8.0

year 1988



10 thoughts on “5 Good Tom Cruise’ Films

  1. Which one is your favourite? For me , probably Rain Man, but you know that since you were checking out the review. Jerry Maguire might be number two from this list. Can you tell I’m a bit of a softie? Thanks for the visit, I hope you come back soon!


    • I am not much of an “action movies” kind of guy but movie series like mission impossible and 007 are worth to watch .
      the Tom Cruise film that i truly liked was “far and away” in which a guy both takes the land and gets the girl and being a hopeless romantic i couldn’t resist its charm so id highly recommend it .

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  2. Thanks for following my blog! I am not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, but you picked movies where I thought he was okay. You might want to add his first: Risky Business. These are the ones where he plays himself the least. He is definitely NOT Jack Reacher, sorry, Lee Child. Looking forward to more posts.


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