Review of TV series “Mad Men”


The series airs on American cable Network AMC on Sundays.

The final and seventh season was split into two halves of which last one is is going to be on air  on Sunday April 13 , 2015.

Classic, Superb, Well written and original plot. Original and well executed idea

Cast                                                          4/5
Dialogue and music                                  5/5
Story line                                                   5/5
Cinematography                                       4/5
IMDb rating                                               8.7
My rating                                                   4.5 /5

The drama is set in the middle of  sixties New York .A drama centered on the exploits of New York’s fictional advertising agencies and advertising guru Don Draper .Don Draper is shown as a genius with ups and downs but not as Comics’ genius as Sherlock Holmes and Harvey of Suits.Don is the epitome of american individualistic mindset.The existentialist crisis that follows shows him disconnected with all people around him.The indifferent attitude make him question the sanity of his very own identity.The flashbacks into Don’s past gives us the insight that how does he forged his new identity and manage to have a new life oblivious of his past.Don is shown to be an advertising genius unlike Harvey Specter whose intelligence is beyond human limits and is more like of a Marvel’s or DC character.Don has to struggle all the way.Don is mostly seen drunk or having affairs, it looks like that 60 were an era where a lot of men were having second marriages.

First marriage is a wreck, Betty Francis is discontented housewife with big dreams and she is also fed up with constant infidelity of her husband .the children of split marriage are in a sate of rebellion particularly their young daughter Sally is going through adolescence having problems adjusting with her parents.

Another important charter of Peggy Olson is written from a feminist point of is shown that how she survives and makes headway in a male dominated corporate world of sixties.What I don’t get is why a successful women cant be shown happy in this drama?

Peggy Olson

Peggy Olson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roger sterling is shown as boss ,mentor ,friend and partner He is both proud and envious of Don’s success.Pete Campbell looks up to Don.All of the major characters are financially successful but are emotional wreck with broken houses. What a tragedy


One thought on “Review of TV series “Mad Men”

  1. That sums up the show well. Mad Men is my favorite television show of all time. I’ve finished watching every episode, and I am simultaneously terrified, devastated, and ecstatic with anticipation to see how the show will end. I really don’t have a clue, either.

    As for why a successful woman cannot be happy on Mad Men, firstly the show is trying to depict the reality of how difficult it was for a woman to get to that position in society, and more importantly how even if you did get it was difficult to make yourself be taken seriously. But most of all the show is about the illusion of happiness and the shallowness of the American Dream, which isn’t very fulfilling and that can mostly be credited to unreasonable expectations.

    I do have to issue one correction: The show will resume airing again on Sunday, April 5, 2015. And I, for one, will be watching glued to my seat.

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