Review of the TV Series “4400”

Genre Sci-fi


A ball of light descends near Mount Rainier which leaves 4400 people stranded on earth .These abducts were taken by the ”future humans” since 1946 who are now returned all of sudden in an effort to change the gloomy future of impending doom. NTAC a newly established government organization based in Seattle is now in charge to control/monitor/care for these returnees to settle them in their new lives .Promisin is the key to having super human abilities which has to do a lot with plot .

Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris are the two main protagonists who are also the result/victim of Hollywood’s love for detective style narrative TV genre.” Aliens/Future Us “are very much interested in the Baldwin family drama. A new character Collier is later on introduced which has not only Messiah complex but also looks like him. I do believe that even the writers were not sure that whether Collier is a saint or a self indulgent manipulating bastard. Series ends in an abrupt manner showing that everyone is having the abilities in Seattle city area which gives us the clue that it has to do something with the low ratings of the season.

Being Tom Baldwin

Being Tom Baldwin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The acting was relatively good but the monotony of the emotion set portrayed by the main characters diminishes its effectiveness. Cinematography of the show at best was average. The show creators were more interested in the action scenes rather than to make it look like a Sci-Fi show.

Amanda Abizaid has sung the theme song “A Place in Time” which has a nice ring to it. A little of bit mysterious tone with a promise of hope.


Cast                                       3.5/5
Dialogue and music               4/5
Story line                                3/5
Cinematography                    3/5
IMDb rating                            7.4/10
My rating  (Overall Season)   3.4




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