Review of the film “Gone Girl”

Gone Girl is directed by David Fincher and has a good cast which includes Ben Affleck,Rosamund Pike, and Neil Patrick Harris .

The film is all about a sociopathic, cunning and apparently charming Showcase girl turn housewife. This film also explores the ups and downs of a marriage. If you guys are all about “till death do us apart” then you should probably watch this film. In the beginning of the film indifferent/grieving/startled Ben Affleck just looks like an ordinary lad who has no idea what the fuck did just happened to him but later on he takes reins of his life back into his own hands


Cast                                      4/5
Dialogue and music              4/5
Story line                             5/5
Cinematography                  4/5
IMDb rating                           8.5
My rating                              4 /5


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