All about “Game of Thrones”


It is no place for common folk (only highborn lords and ladies can play this game). Democracy socialism are just not there

There shall be no peace, everyone must die

Essos is about free cities (irony is free cities are where slavery exists) and north of the wall lie the barbarians and walkers. (The living dead aka zombies are known as “the walking dead” in the walking dead. Whereas in game of thrones the white walkers and preferably live in colder climates)

Dragons vs. the white walkers (the audience would love to watch a showdown between these two magical beings .the true epic of ice and fire)

The setting and timing looks like medieval Europe (England)

The wall stands tall (not breached for eons and has very recently defended a 1000 thousand men strong army)

The Baratheon brawl bicker and battle

Lannister lie (with woman whores and even sisters) lie (talk, talk and are very good at it too) and are currently Liege lords (of Westeros)

Starks are smashed and scattered

the Doom Dictionary of GOT

Pillage , sack , rob , steel , murder , plunder , spoil , loots , patricide , matricide , genocide , kill , slay , slaughter , massacre , butchery , bloodshed , bloodbath , carnage , decimate , execute , defeat , crush , rout , beat , overcome , conquer , surmount , Whores , prostitutes , rape and all the seven hell

IMDb link


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