The Greek civilization

No doubt, the Greek civilization has great impact on the world.even though initially , it was mostly a western empire but the Greek invasion which started with Alexander and theN THE subsequent Hellenistic empires had a long lasting impact on Asia .
 Persian empire. Persians were one of the first nations of the world that truly built an empire . Parthian kings are still a symbol of majesty and glory in Arabic , Persian and Indian literature.Persian were able to colonized large parts of Europe, which in my opinion become the cause of hate ,which later on translated into the demise of Parthian Persia by the hands of its mortal enemy , Greece.
after the decline of Greece Persia was able to regain its former status of an next few centuries we see a constant battle between Rome and Persia. Even the mighty Crassus ,the mentor of Ceaser met a defeat near Carrhae where Persian cavalry outmaneuvered roman infantry ,resulting a stalemate.
Bust of Marcus Licinius Crassus located in the...

Bust of Marcus Licinius Crassus located in the Louvre, Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sassanid Empire after its conquest of Meso...

The Sassanid Empire after its conquest of Mesopotamia, Palestine, Syria and Egypt under Khosrau II in ca. 620 AD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Muslim Rashidun army was able to put an end to Sassanian dynasty after a fight of a decade or more.

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