Political parties of Pakistan

Political parties of Pakistan

Muslim league

Muslim league is the oldest party in the country. Muslim league was established in the colonial India in 1906 to bridge the gap between the British administration and Muslim population. But the real struggle was to Muslim population realize to fight for independent country. Muslim league have two  fought on two fronts. The majority of population in India was wanted united India. Muslim league was able to win the majority of specified Muslim seats in the elections of 1946-1946.Muslim league was able to create a Pakistan on the basis of two nation theory in the charismatic leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

After the creation of Pakistan Muslim league was not able to deliver the “promised land”. Party was filled with corrupt politicians and ambitious leaders who betrayed party and country for personal gains. After a few years party was split into many regional Muslim leagues.

During the martial law of President Ayub, Muslim league come under the wings military establishment. After 1965 war president Ayub lost his popularity and so does Muslim league

Muslim league is considered a right wing nationalist party. It has been credited for the party which was able to win the freedom of the country. But it is also criticized for the continuous support of military regimes. Muslim is now completely under the wings of Sharif family. Nawaz Sharif is also the current prime minister of the country who belongs to Muslim league.

Pakistan people’s party

Zulifqar ali Bhutto was a vibrant and energetic young foreign minister in president Ayub’s parliament. After the Tashqind agreement between India and Pakistan, Bhutto used this as political leverage and started his own party.

Ayub’s regime was successful in monetary reforms but the lowest ladder of the society was not able to get the benefits of these fiscal policies. Bhutto was able to raise the public tide against the military establishment and in the elections of 1970 PPP was able to get majority of seats from the West Pakistan.

People party is considered a major leftists and liberal party in Pakistan. The initial leadership of the party was also influenced by communism as Bhutto nationalizes many economic institutions. Critics of PPP have disapproved of its leadership style and blame it to have become the family party of Bhutto and Zardari family. PPP is currently the ruling party of Sind and the sitting opposition in National assembly.

Awami league

On the other hand after the collapse of Muslim league in East Pakistan Mujeeb ur Reham established his own party called Awami league. Bengal was now furious about the grievances and were ready to threw the military out. Despite getting the majority in recent elections Awami league was denied to have the government.

General Yayha appointed general Tikka Khan as the military governor general in East Pakistan. This whole operation was a disaster, majority of the native population stood against the army in the leadership of Mujeeb ur Rehamn’ Awami league. A civil war broke out in East Pakistan. Indian forces invaded East Pakistan in the pretext of helping the Bengali population which was welcomed by Awami league. Awami league was able to change East Pakistan in the new country of Bangladesh in the 1971 after fierce struggle.


JI was founded in 1941 in Lahore by a religious leader Abul Ala Maududi  . Jamaat-e-Islami has its branches in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. JI is founded on moderate religious philosophy. It is perhaps the only party in Pakistan who regularly holds inter-party elections. JI is famous for its student organization known as Islami Jamiate Tulaba. JI is now the part of a coalition government in KP .JI is currently headed by Munawar Hassan.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam is an orthodox religious conservative party. It is a far right conservative party who has a strong standing in KP.Fazl ur rehamn group dominates the party. Currently it is in opposition in both national and provincial assembly.

Pakistan Tahreek e insaf

PTI was established by Imran khan  a renowned cricketer.



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