My Watchlist


Genre Crime Drama
A FBI agent Elizabeth Keen is asked to work with a former agent Raymond Reddigton called RED. Red is providing FBI with a criminal database to solve crime on case by case basis .RED is shown to be a father like figure for agent Elizabeth who is still unclear that why did he choose her.

Cast                              0.5/1

Cinematography           1/1

Dialogue and music     0.5/1

Storyline                          1/1

IMDb rating                     8/10

My rating                         3/4

The Original


Genre horror romantic

It is the spinoff vampire diaries. Storyline is based on modern American vampire genre. Vampires can walk in sun if they have a day ring. Originals are currently in New Oreland which they helped to build. Self-proclaimed Noble Elijah is trying to protect his family. Their Rebekah is always eager to find the long last true love .The evil protagonist is the brother called Niklaus who is willing to do everything to get back the ownership of New Oreland.

Cast                                    0.5/1

Dialogue and music            1/1

Storyline                              1/1

Cinematography                  1/1

IMDb rating                           8.4

My rating                              3.5/4

Big Bang Theory
Genre comedy
It is a story about the life and deeds of four nerds. Sheldon is the emotionless genius robot who happens to have a superiority complex. Penny is the hot neighbor who seems to be the only normal person in their inner circle. Howard is an engineer who still lives with his mother. Raj is an Indian who has some issues talking with girls.

Cast                                         1/1
Dialogue and music                 0.5/1
Storyline                                  1/1
Cinematography                      0.5/1
IMDb rating                              8.6/10
My rating                                  3/4

The Tomorrow People

Genre Science fiction
Story is about human evolution. Homo Superior is the next step in human evolution. They have extraordinary abilities of three T’s” of telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis  .They are one step away from getting the ability to kill. A human secret organization called ULTRA is hunting them down. The series focuses on Stephen Jameson, a new member of the tomorrow people.

Cast                                       0/1
Dialogue and music               0.5/1
Storyline                                1/1
Cinematography                    0.5/1
IMDb rating                            7.2
My rating                               2/4

American Horror Story


Genre horror

First season American Horror Story: Murder House, is about a haunting house .Second series American Horror Story: Asylum, is much more complex and resolves around multiple characters and themes which include both the elements of horror and science fiction. Storyline is usually about past events with a few things happening in the real time. The third season, titled American Horror Story: Coven, is about witches and Salem Witch trials.

Cast                                    1/1
Dialogue and music             1/1
Storyline                              1/1
Cinematography                  1/1
IMDb rating                          8.3
My rating                             4/4

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Genre Sci-Fi

It is based on Marvel’s comic world. S.H.I.E.L.D is the organization with high tech technology working to save the world form internal and external threats. Agent Phil Coulson leads a team of trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to monitor supernatural events.

Cast                                       0.5/1
Dialogue and music               0.5/1
Storyline                                1/1
Cinematography                    1/1
IMDb rating                            7.2
My rating                                3/4

Two and a Half Men Season 11


Genre Comedy

Nothing is same without Charlie sheen. There is no lower limit Charlie’s brother Alan Harper. Element of misogyny is present in this comedy. Show cannot be even called two and a half men because Alan’s son Jake has not appeared in this season

Cast                                     0.5/1
Dialogue and music             1/1
Storyline                              0/1
Cinematography                  0.5/1
IMDb rating                          7.2
My rating                              2/4

Supernatural Season 9


Genre Horror

Two brothers Sam and Dean are working together to fight evil. They have king of hell of hell in their basement. All the knowledge of the supernatural realm is in their backyard library. Sam and Dean have both died and come back .No arch angel has survived or active after fifth season. As a true fan I must say, it’s time to end the show.

Cast                                        1/1
Acting skills                             1/1
Storyline                                  0.5/1
Cinematography                      0.5/1
IMDb rating                              8.6
My rating                                  3/4



Genre  Thriller

It is based on Israeli series Hatufim .Story starts with the much celebrated homecoming of Nicholas Brody. Nicholas was captured in Iraq. Carrie Mathieson is a CIA operative who thinks that Brody is turned but nobody believes her. Carrie gets intimate with Brody as a ruse to get information but soon feelings get real. Drama also show that the Brody to adjust with new reality and his family.

Cast                                      1/1
Dialogue and music              1/1
Storyline                               1/1
Cinematography                   1/1
IMDb rating                           8.5
My rating                               4/4


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