Pakistani Drama Industry

Dramas in Pakistan

Drama is probably the most popular genre in Pakistan. Dramas provide people with entertainment and information. Women of all background are the segment of the population most prone to drams both in rural and urban centers of Pakistan. Pakistani drama is usually based on socio romantic ideas which are conforming to popular beliefs of the conservative population. A very few efforts have been made to utilize this medium to better the life of audience


PTV is the forerunner of Pakistani drama. Ptv provided audience with a wide range topics in drams. First dramas were telecasted .Ptv  also stated a trend for the forty minute dramas consisting of 12 to 16 episodes .Later dramas of consist of single episode of longer time duration were introduced. Comedy sitcoms also gained popularity.


Our media is currently propagating borrowed culture.PTV as institution promotes national identity, culture and local tradition. Culture and traditional values and belief have taken a back seat in contemporary drama. False values which are contradicting to our ethics are incorporated through media. Foreign language and dresses have replaced the traditional values .this is an alarming sign for our society.

Privatization of drama industry

In Musharraf’s era many private channels started broadcasting entertainment channels. These TV channels concentrated particularly on drama. The golden era of PTV was now over. ARY, GEO and later HUM ended the monopoly of PTV. These channels started producing dramas with new zeal. These newly established TV channels give due importance to audience demand of change and diversity in media content. Profit motivation and competition lead to economical rating race between these channels.


Private media owners are only motivated by the profits gained through advertising. Private media channels have also given more importance to economic aspect of drama industry rather than improving the overall standard of Pakistani drama. Ideas and concepts of successful drams are imitated .This trend has reduced the creative process for writers, actors and directors.

Role of Actors, Writers and Diretcors

Writers are only concentrating on the socio romantic aspects of the society. Usaually interns are employed to write the dramas. Famous writer such as Umera ahmed and Raziaa butt’s dramas conformed to the traditional values.

The veteran actors are trained in the PTV. New actors are given with more opportunity to act and brighter economical aspects. The culture of rehearsals has been replaced by the tightly scheduled routine.

Clichés and Lack of creative process


Pakistani dramas only show feudalistic and business elite with negative connotation .The most important or rather the only theme of Pakistani dramas is Love. It looks like that people in our society have nothing else to do in their lives except to be either in love. Individualistic success stories which are prevalent n Hollywood and Bollywood are rare in Pakistani drama industry. Hackneyed ideas and clichéd stories have made our dramas boring.

Invasion of Turkish dramas

Pakistani contemporary drama is also facing a challenge of foreign dramas. This so called “cultural invasion” of Turkish and Indian drama has struck our industry with surprise. It started when a new channel named Urdu 1 started telecasting a Turkish drama to utilize the prime time drama space. Fortunately or unfortunately at that time our industry has just recently defeated the Indian dramas infusion through cable TV system. It was time when our drama industry was producing nothing new worth watching. Audiences need change and diversity in TV and Turkish dramas provided them both.

The second aspect was economical success of these dramas. Seeing the popularity of Turkish dramas in Pakistan so all the major media channels followed this trend. Soon all the media industry was swept by the Turkish dramas. Media channels purchased the popular dramas telecasted in Turkey and broadcast them in Pakistan after dubbing. This process gives media channels the opportunity to avoid the risk of making the drama which may or may not prove to be successful in future to come.

A strong resistance is offered by the acting community to the foreign content. Actors are now less in demand because of the foreign content being given the prime time slot on television. Actors accuse media channels that for their profits they are destroying local media industry.

Conservative faction of the population is also opposing the “uncensored and unchecked foreign content” of being opposed to the cultural norms of our society. Turkish dramas are criticized for infiltrating the attitude and beliefs which do not conform to social, cultural, traditional and Islamic values of our country.


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