Asked But Never Answered

A few questions

Is there a God? What is God? Where is God? Why there is a God why is he/she/it so interested in us? If he has sent his gospel s in this world then which one is true? Why do so many religions claim that only they and they alone have the sole claim on God? Are we our own God why is he so interested in us? If God is all powerful and all doing, is He then responsible for all the bad things that happen to us?

What is the purpose of our life or is it just meaningless?

What is more important destination or goal or journey towards that goal?

How to define happiness? Can happiness be bought? Is happiness only related to materialistic things?

What is success? Is it happiness? Is it contentment with your life or it is some goal then why the standards for success tend to be different for every one of us

What is contentment?

Are we selfless, self-centered or both?

Do humans change? Does our nature change? If we change then what changes us is it due to experience or time?

Do we have a soul? Do we have the capacity to do good and evil?

Are we capable of forgiveness?

What is love and hate? is this just simple liking or disliking for someone ?Do we like someone just for their physical appearance then why do we like or dislike some people for apparently no reason at all

Do we have a free will or our fates are predestined. Can we be our own Gods?

What is the difference between being stubborn and determined?

What is the scope of our knowledge and rationality? Is our rationality prone to our senses? Is knowledge limitless? Can someone encompass all the knowledge in the world?

Are we alone in this universe? Do we just have to discover others? If we are actually alone then what aren’t we insignificant in this gigantic cosmos?

What would happen after we die would it would be just like all the religions have told us or are we are going to be null and void and there would be nothing that would remain of us , if that’s the case then what is the purpose of doing good in the life?

What is good and evil why is it so differently defined in every culture? Is it part of culture or just something that’s bigger of us? Why do we allow and admire universally called evil such as killing sometimes allowed and sometimes not

How do see ourselves do we have our own standard are we tend to judge ourselves according to other peoples criteria?

What is truth? Is there only one true or are there many? Can we call some truths universal? Can there be a partial truth? Can divine truth be called final truth or do we have to judge everything our rationality to be described as ultimate truth? Can few things be both true and false?


One thought on “Asked But Never Answered

  1. That’s a wonderful compilation of questions. And since you have identified them, there must be some answers too.
    I came across your blog and was reading another post on Balochistan. That again very well sums up the situation but when you say the role of the military establishment should be reduced, it’s an incomplete suggestion unless you throw light on the ‘how’ of it.


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